Busted – Latin Pricing Plans

Posted on Friday 12 May 2006

Josh Kopelman recently discovered my unlinked pricing page for the Jotspot Family Site. Josh seems to think our pricing strategy isn’t written. I think the big problem is he doesn’t understand Latin. If he could read Latin he would see it is a very well thought out pricing plan. When you combine the brilliant pricing plan with the “web 2.0 money tree” seeds we just bought, you would see how this all comes together.

Ok. So maybe not. :)

The site is actually free. I promise. (This is the number one question we get to support.) The page Josh’s URL detective work found was an artifact of my early thinking that we would use our standard subscription model for the product. When Joe saw how well it demonstrated the power of our product, he wanted it to be free. We settle all our disagreements using shocking tanks. Needless to say, my thumbs are crispy.

On a related note, we did recently launch our affiliate program which can earn everybody good money.

    May 12, 2006 | 6:48 am

    Insert Business Model Here…

    I just read the rumors about Jotspot being acquired. While I have no information as to the accuracy of the report, I wish for the best for Joe Kraus and team. Recently, I’ve been playing around with their new JotSpot…

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